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Conventional Orthodontic Treatment

At E Line Orthodontics, we aim at achieving a functional bite! When a bite is functional, it synergies with the rest of the body! As a bonus, your smile will radiate symmetry and your jaw lines and chin prominence will be highlighted maximizing your genetic potential and natural beauty.

Whether you are a teenager, or an adult with a teenage heart, a functional bite will help you gain more than a beautiful smile!

Some key treatment distinction you will find at E Line Orthodontics:

  • We never extract bicuspids (regardless of your dental crowding).
  • We never reduce your teeth size width.
  • We always create space for restorations when teeth are undersized.
  • We do not use palatal expander or any functional appliances (as they produce non-physiological reaction to our body).
  • We do not use fixed retainers (as they interfere with physiologic bone bending)
  • We hand bend all our wires to create an individualized result
  • We will refer you to other integrative medicine practitioners if deemed necessary to improve your overall health

Did you know…

the American Association of Orthodontists endorses early childhood orthodontic treatments? The Association recommends an initial screening for every child no later than age 7. Because children this age have achieved approximately 80 percent of their total facial growth, a first phase of treatment during this time period can leverage remaining growth. By the time they reach age 11 or 12 (when the second phase of treatment is initiated), children have achieved more than 90 percent of their lifetime facial growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need two-phase orthodontic treatment?

The only way to know if your child needs orthodontic treatment of any kind is by visiting an orthodontist. Children as young as 4 can be screened, although the AAO recommends waiting no longer than age 7. If your child is over age 7 and has not yet been screened, make an appointment for a consultation at your earliest convenience.

What should I expect during a two-phase treatment?

Between the first and second treatment phases, you’ll need to bring your child to the orthodontist periodically to monitor progress and check the condition of your child’s retainer. He or she may also need occasional x-rays to ensure everything is progressing smoothly and as planned. Once your child has lost his or her final primary tooth, you’ll return yet again to get the second set of braces – usually around the age of 12.

Will I need to follow any special care instructions while my child is undergoing two-step orthodontic treatment?

Yes. Orthodontic appliances are designed for durability but can easily break when not cared for. You’ll need to ensure your child is following all directions for brushing around the braces and also exclude hard candies or foods that could damage the appliance components.

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