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TMJ Treatment


Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD)

TMJD or temporomandibular disorders (TMD) is one of the most misdiagnosed and controversial dental-medical condition that also carries a huge social impact, loss in productivity and high health care costs. Due to the multifactorial etiology and wide range of interpretation, it is common to observe that individuals seeking treatment for TMD complaints have visited several professionals without resolution or improvement of their complaints.

At E Line Orthodontics, we consider TMJ function and in a bigger extent the function of the masticatory organ as the most important foundation for not only dental but also overall health. From digital TMJ functional diagnosis, articulated models, bruxism checking appliance to a drastically different orthodontic treatment approach, we go above and beyond the traditional methodology. All functional and static data are placed together to better understand the reasons behind TMJ dysfunction and to tailor a comprehensive treatment plan that includes not only orthodontics but also other health care disciplines including but not limited to restorative dentistry, physical therapy, myofunctional therapy, sleep medicine, optometry and more.

We believe that a synergistic and a harmonious functional integration between the cranio-facial structures, the neck and the entire body is achieved when the masticatory organ is within symmetric balance and is able to function efficiently. Let us remember that our bite is a crucial part of the masticatory organ that influences the relationship between the jaws, between the jaw and the neck, between the neck and the clavicular region and more!

At E Line Orthodontics, we use MEAW (multiloop edgewise archwire) and GEAW (gum metal edgewise archwire) orthodontic technique that may move teeth beyond traditional braces and effectively reverse the adaptative and compensatory processes that had occurred through time negatively affecting your TMJ and its integrated structures. Following Prof. Rudolf Slavicek’s view regarding function “Life does not care about form. Life only cares about function.”  We aim at achieving masticatory organ function to create a functional bite and TMJ through a holistic and integrative orthodontic perspective and allied health disciplines.

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