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In-Ovation® R

This unique self-ligating bracket system allows different degree of control needed for each phase of orthodontic treatment.  In-Ovation® R brackets are small with curved, rounded edges that are less likely to irritate the cheeks and tongue. With no elastics or metal ties, you will have less plaque build-up and more teeth movement due to smoother coupling between the wire and the brackets.



In-Ovation® C

In-Ovation® C is the world’s premiere self-
ligating ceramic bracket system which in addition to the benefits of In-Ovation® R brackets provides an esthetically-pleasing, more comfortable and almost invisible braces. Being non-porous, the brackets do not stain or turn yellow. Ceramic, clear braces are barely noticeable! Because In-Ovation C provides faster results with fewer appointments and less treatment time, more adults are choosing to improve their smile, health and confidence than ever before.

Benefits of In-Ovation®

  • Lighter, gentler forces ease teeth into alignment with much less discomfort
  • Self-ligation for fast, easy wire changes
  • No unsightly elastics that retain plaque
  • Improved oral hygiene
  • Small brackets with a lower profile
  • Improved comfort
  • Less chair time
  • Fewer appointments
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Excellent results
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